"Változatos programokkal várja az érdeklődőket az ELTE főkönyvtára a Kulturális Örökség Napjai keretében. At ELTE főkönyvtára a Kulturális Örökség Napjai keretében könyvtártörténeti vezetésekkel, kalligráfiai és könyvkötészeti kézműves programokkal, a restaurátor műhely és régi könyvek bemutatásával, tárletvezetéssel az interaktív Eötvös-kiállításon, valamint a Fesztivál Akadémia növendékeinek kvartettjével hívja fel a figyelmet kulturális örökségünk védelmére.
"[...] On November 22, a temporary Eötvös 100 exhibition will be opened at ELTE University Library. On November 23, the Finals of the “Roland Eötvös Commemorative Competition” for high schools will take place at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. [...]"
"Among the cluster of historical buildings at Ferenciek tere, in the heart of Budapest, you will find a pair of giant wooden doors, through which you will walk into a dimly-lit vaulted reception hall. Follow the spiral staircase and pass the crafted light posts, you will find yourself standing in front of another wooden door, usually semi-open. So far the interior of this building is simple but solemn, as if it was deigned to make visitors feel compelled to reflect in silence.
Excuse me for the belated post. I had to study a lot for my state exam, but now I can say that I successfully graduated. Moreover, I created a few smaller projects along the line, as well, to build my portfolio. Therefore, I didn't have too much time, but I worked on this project a bit each day, too. Now I am publishing its second part, which is something. Isn't it? In any case, you can see the first post about my project here: Virtual University Library Project - part 1
've started this project around the beginning of March but the idea appeared in my head in the last year. I think it may be the biggest project of my life. My goal is to create a library's beautiful virtual ceremonial hall, and at the end, my work will be compatible with VR technologies. Before my project, I didn't have any idea how to combine the two different fields: library and 3D computer graphics. I don't remember where this idea came from but I think it was a coincidence. Nevertheless, I want to tell you how I will create a virtual library in several blogposts.