2022. November 11., Friday – 11:05
In the autumn 2021, in response to the recent trends in scientific communication, the University Library and Archives of Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE EKL) conducted a survey on the management of research data. The target audience of the survey included all lecturers, PhD students and PhD candidates at ELTE, in total about 6,850 university citizens. The survey results have been published in the journal titled Scientific and Technical Information (Tudományos és Műszaki Tájékoztatás). The article is now available on the STI homepage.
2022. June 29., Wednesday – 08:33
Some of Wiley’s hybrid journals will continue to operate as Gold Open Access journals from 2023. Although they will become Gold Open Access journals from January 2023, new submissions to the journal will be considered under the new Gold Open Access journal model from 2022 onwards.
2022. May 6., Friday – 13:56
EISZ and Springer Nature are organizing an online webinar in English for researchers from the institutions participating in the Hungarian consortium. The presentations are designed to help Open Access publishing.
2022. April 4., Monday – 13:27
The Library of the ELTE Faculty of Humanities is organizing a series of lectures in Hungarian this spring as well. The lectures are primarily recommended for lecturers, researchers and doctoral students, but, as a matter of fact, all lectures are open to anyone interested. The presentations will take place online via Microsoft Teams. Participation in the lectures is free, but registration is required.
2022. February 4., Friday – 11:36
Wiley will be running a training session on the 15th of February.
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