There is a so-called collection share between the ELTE libraries, whereby the libraries of the various faculties and the collection of the University Library and Archives together provide direct access to the specialized literature of the sciences taught and researched at the university.
Under this agreement, the University Library and Archives collects academic works in the fields of social, human, and economic science, in Hungarian and in foreign languages (mainly English, German, French), which discuss their content in alignment with the depth of current scientific research. In accordance with The Doctoral Regulations, the University Library collects the dissertations defended in doctoral schools. It also collects the significant work of Hungarian and word literature as well as the representative work of contemporary Hungarian and international literature in Hungarian language.
The collection of the University Library and Archives is determined by The Rules of Collection. The Rules of Collection is Appendix 3 of the Eötvös Loránd University Library and Archives Organisational and Operational Regulations.

The picture illustrates the collection of the ELTE University Library, in which seven books are lined up. The are icons placed on bookmarks hanging out of coloured books  symbolize the main collections: religion, the history of European higher education, general works and borderline sciences, humanities and social sciences, literature, economics and marketing, history, and philosophy.

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