The Library will be closed on 24th January 2022 due to technical reasons.

For users with special needs

Adapted contents made accessible by The University’s Disability Center is available in EDIT for students who are eligible for it (registered at disability coordinators).

For the visually impaired, we provide a companion, a computer with a reading program (JAWS) and headphones in the reading room, a Braille printer, as well as a MAGic large-caption keyboard, a desktop video magnifier, and an Active Star full Braille system.

The Active Star forty-module Braille systems allows Braille display and note-taking while using a computer. The Active Star provides on-the-fly access to data by connecting up to three different devices via Bluetooth at the same time, they can be a smartphone, tablet, laptop or even a computer.

The picture illustrates services for the visually impaired: companion, reading program, large-caption keyboard, Braille printer, desktop video magnifier, Active Star Braille system.

For the hearing impaired, a chat window is available on the portal, and they can use a sign language interpreter at a pre-arranged time, as well as they take part in a group sign language building tour.
You can apply at the email address

The picture illustrates the services provided to the hearing impaired: chat window, sign language interpreter, sign language building tour.

Until the building is accessible, we will provide fixed services for the disabled through a representative.

Further useful information:

  • if you prove your special needs, you can register for the library for free (even if you are not an ELTE citizen);
  • we provide the opportunity to bring and use your own devices;
  • the ELTE Library WebApp offers several online services that facilitate the use of the library:  online enrollment, check of rentals, extension;
  • as an ELTE citizen, you can use the subscribed databases remotely.
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