Self-service scanning is now available

As part of our service expansion, self-service scanning became available in our library from the 1st of March 2023. Readers can digitalize documents in a self-service manner, due to the special book scanners.

Using the scanners, up to 30 pages per minute can be scanned without the need to stretch the books on a glass plate, thus saving the spine. The software automatically straightens the pages after laser scanning. The device enables digitisation of documents up to A3 size and has a character recognition function so that scanned content can be saved not only as images but also as editable text.

There are currently two scanners available to our visitors for a time-based fee in the Reading Hall of the University Library:

  • university students, lecturers, researchers: 200 HUF/ 30 minutes
  • other visitors: 300 HUF / 30 minutes
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