Reporting Day K21 – Results in the light of quality improvement

The first quarterly report of the K21 Quality Management Coordination Committee took place in a meeting. Working group leaders reported on the results and changes of the last quarter.

The K21 Quality Management Coordination Committee thanked Judit Szabó, Quality Manager of the Library of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of ELTE, on the occasion of her retirement for her exemplary work.

In order to prepare the new strategy of the University Library Service (ULS), the Committee has set up analysis groups, in which members are involved in the implementation of tasks along specific themes. The evaluation of the Quality Improvement Report and the Non-Compliant Services reports is ongoing.

The Library Users' Guide on our services for students with special needs has been added to the EDIT repository, and a discussion on the Marrakesh agreement is on the agenda.

The Primary Research Working Group has assisted in the review and standardisation of the satisfaction questionnaires related to the user training of the ELTE-libraries.  In collaboration with the ELTE Quality Office, the student needs and satisfaction survey was reviewed.

The process management working group is working intensively on the aggregation of the process audits, the revision of the data sheets, the process management form and the guidelines for completion.

A short summary film entitled 3 months – 3 minutes was sent out on the results achieved by the working groups. Our Kolibri mailing list was used to keep our staff informed about the latest information and community programmes. In the spring, ELTE librarians were invited to visit the Silent book exhibition in the frame of our Library Café.

We sent information about the University Library Service’s annual report to the university management, deans, vice-deans and faculty library leaders. We have reported on our achievements, service improvements and events on our website and social media platforms.

Work is underway to collect and organise materials for the development of a „Virtual Green Library”. Library managers have prepared work plans, disseminations and statistical reports. They unanimously adopted the reports of the Coordination Committees, as well as the Document Organisation Project Report. The RFID purchases planned for 2022, further additions to the WebApp and the archiving of theses were discussed.

We will announce the latest developments and results on our website soon with the latest news.



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