In case you want to borrow a book or read it locally and it has already been borrowed by another reader, you can make a reservation for the document. Reservations can only be made with valid visitor’s card os a borrower’s card.

You can reserve a document:

  • in person at the readers’ service desks,
  • or remotely through the online catalogue.

When a book becomes available for loan, you will be notified by email. The reserved and returned documents will be set aside by the library for up to 5 business days from the date of notification.

The maximum number of books that can be reserved is 15 volumes.

Reserving through the online catalogue

  1. Log in to the online catalogue (ELTEfind).

    Username: the barcode number of the library card or student card.
    Password: By default, the date of birth in YYYYMMDD format, e.g. 19970214. The password can be changed.
    This screenshot illustrates the login button of ELTEfind.This screenshot illustrates the login option of the ELTEfind menu.

  2. For the copy data of the book selected for the search, click the Place of Hold button in the last column. In case you have not registered in advance, you can do so at this point.This is a screenshot of the copy data of a book in ELTEfind, on which the Place of Hold line is highlighted.
  3. Check the details of the book and the place of receipt in the form that opens.
  4. You can send your reservation by clicking on the Submit Request button at the bottom of the form.This screenshot illustrates the electronic request form of ELTEfind.
  5. At the end of the operation, in order to protect your own data, log out of the system!

You can check your requests that you have already sent after logging into ELTEfind, under the menu item Holds and Recalls.

This is a screenshot of the menu item of Your Account in ELTEfind, in which the the Holds and Recalls line is highlighted.

You can ask for further information or help:

  • in person from the staff of the University Library,
  • in email at,
  • by phone: 06-1-411-6500/3411.
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