Drawings of Kálmán Beszédes from Rodostó at the exhibition of the Gül Baba Cultural Center and Exhibition Hall

The architectural history exhibition "The Window to Rodostó", which was presented last year in Rodostó, Turkey (today in Turkish: Tekirdağ), can also be seen in Hungary from July to the end of the year expectedly and can be visited free of charge in the area of the Gül Baba Cultural Center and Exhibition Hall (Budapest, Mecset utca 14.).

The exhibition presents the beginnings of the research of II. Ferenc Rákóczi's former dining house in Rodostó, then the purchase of the building by the Hungarian state and its transformation into a museum, with the help of rarely or never seen plans, blueprints, photos and drawings, also with a view to the city surrounding the building.

More information about the exhibition can be found here.

The exhibition also includes copies of the drawings of painter and draftsman Kálmán Beszédes made in Rodosto in 1891-92, which were included in our library as part of his legacy. This rich, multifaceted legacy is the carefully guarded material of our special museum collection (its shelfmark: G 691), the most valuable of which are the drawings that capture the memories of the Rákóczi emigration in Rodostó. He traveled a lot, after studying painting at home and abroad, he lived in Turkey from 1878 and did a lot to save the Hungarian memories of Rodostó.

His drawings from Rodostó can be viewed here in ELTE Digital Institutional Repository.

A digitized version of the entire legacy is available here.

Source/author of illustration:
ELTE University Library and Archives