User training for Scopus by Elsevier

The Elsevier’s customer service consultants organised a free webinar to help you use Scopus.

The training consists of two parts on the folowing dates:


  1. First steps with Scopus

Discover how to get started with Scopus. Learn more about setting up your account and preferences, as well as about remote access options to make sure you can work comfortably from any place in the world.

Date: 23rd March 2022, 11:30 



  1. Searching for relevant literature on Scopus 

Literature search is crucial at all research stages – from planning to writing up. Therefore it is important to know how to do it efficiently and to stay on top of what is going on in your field and beyond. Learn tips and tricks for doing literature search and discover how to do it efficiently in Scopus.

Date: 30th March 2022, 11:30 




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