The task of the Communication team is to ensure effective internal and external communication of the K21 Quality Management Coordination Committee, to strengthen existing communication channels, to explore new opportunities and to support effective cooperation between the working groups.We put great effort on updating the K21 section of the EKSZ site, providing information and documentation for participants and directly or indirectly interested parties about the quality management processes, the goals, activities, and results of K21. Our purpose is to support and coordinate cooperation between the participants of various fields, as well as to assist the organization of meetings, events, and courses.

Our communication works with Google app based interfaces and profiles that provide access to work-related decisions, drafts, documents and forums to provide direct communication between project members. We regularly notify our members about current tasks, reporting dates, uploading documentation, and other news. The common event calendar provides an opportunity for up-to-date monitoring of events between teams.

In the "K21 news" section of the EKSZ Newsletter, we regularly publish a short summary of our recent results. Our newsletters are free of charge to subscribe.

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