The task of the Library Leading Team is to work collectively on problems by the strategy of the University Library Service (EKSZ), supervising and accepting cases to be submitted to the Library Council, discussing any questions that may occur in the Coordinating Committees of the Library Council that require leader intervention. It provides opportunities for the member libraries to discuss issues and find solutions.
The Green Library team seeks to minimize the negative impact on the environment of our institution through the environment-conscious thinking of the 21st century, and where it is possible, have a positive impact on "green" solutions and sustainability. Our goal is to reduce the ecological footprint of the library and to promote human ecological thinking.
The Quality Coordination team is an operational group supporting the implementation of quality development activities. The members of the group secure quality policy, define and support quality objectives in the member libraries according to the quality management system, and participate in the planning, preparation, organization, and implementation of self-assessment. The quality managers, who are representatives of the member libraries are members too, working by mandate from the Library Committee.
The task of the Communication team is to ensure effective internal and external communication of the K21 Quality Management Coordination Committee, to strengthen existing communication channels, to explore new opportunities and to support effective cooperation between the working groups.We put great effort on updating the K21 section of the EKSZ site, providing information and documentation for participants and directly or indirectly interested parties about the quality management processes, the goals, activities, and results of K21.
The Process management team has a leading role in evolving a process control system for ELTE Libary Service (EKSZ). The success and efficiency of the organization depend on its internal processes, as the services are closely connected, and often have processes complementary or built on one another. To satisfy all users' needs and expectations at a high level, we would like to pay special attention to local services. Providing the proper services can be reached by preventing errors, and improving the processes regularly.
The purpose of the acessible library workteam is to give equal opportunities to people with reduced mobility at accessing information. Members of the team are disability specialized library coordinators. Several steps have been taken by EKSZ member libraries in order to make accessible wider range of services for users with special needs. Nevertheless possibilities at libraries are very different, so that range and quality of services are different too.
The primary task of the K21 Primer Research team is to promote quality library work and services by tracking and monitoring the satisfaction and needs of users and library visitors.For measuring satisfaction, it is essential to continuously and collectively handle, analyze and evaluate data and statistics from not only the member libraries of University Library Service but from other sources, and recognize the right methodology necessary for the effective and sufficient execution of the listed activities.
In the quality improvement project accepted by ELTE in 2007, it undertakes to extend the quality improvement processes to the whole organization. The library system as an important service of the institution is part of that too. The K21 Library quality improvement project works with the support of the Quality Management Comittee of the university. The purpose of ELTE University Library Service (EKSZ) is to improve the satisfaction of the library users like instructors, researchers, students, and other visitors.