If you do not find the book you are looking for in our catalog, you can make a suggestion for this service to purchase the missing publications. The service can be used by those who have provided a library card.
Digitalization You can only order a digital copy from the book stock, the service is subject to a fee, and can only be used with a valid reading card. A digital copy may be made in compliance with the copyright law. You can initiate a digital copy order: in person at the public service desks; via email at info@lib.elte.hu. To order digitization, please fill out the form below: Digital copy order
Self-service printing and photocopying By purchasing a print & copy card, you can copy and print independently from the standing terminal. You can buy print & copy card at different values and with different discounts at the information desk (ground floor). The terminal (in the Lobby) allows you to make monochrome (grayscale) and color copies locally.
Publications missing from the library’s stock can be obtained from domestic (rural) or foreign libraries on request, in original or copy, as required. The use of the requested documents (can be borrowed or used only locally) is provided by the lending library.
You can extend your borrowings twice, by 3-3 weeks in the following ways: through the online catalogue (ELTEfind), via the ELTE Library WebApp, via email: kolcsonzo@lib.elte.hu, by phone: +36 1 411-6500/3411, in person at the reader’s service desks. You can extend the deadline immediately in the online applications and by phone. Extension requests sent by email outside the opening hours will be recorded by the library staff on the next opening day.
With the electronic request form, you can request documents from the library stock from anywhere and anytime. Electronic request form step by step when requesting a BOOK In order to request documents from the stock online, log in to the catalogue (ELTEfind, Login menu item). Username: the barcode number of the library card or student IDPassword: by default, the date of birth in YYYYMMDD format, e.g. 19970214. The password can be changed.
In case you want to borrow a book or read it locally and it has already been borrowed by another reader, you can make a reservation for the document. Reservations can only be made with valid visitor’s card os a borrower’s card. You can reserve a document: in person at the readers’ service desks, or remotely through the online catalogue. When a book becomes available for loan, you will be notified by email. The reserved and returned documents will be set aside by the library for up to 5 business days from the date of notification.
Who can borrow? All Hungarian and foreign citizens over the age of 14 can borrow. You can only rent in person with a valid library card. Persons with disabilities can borrow with somebody acting as an intermediary authorized in writing beforehand. Authorization form What can I borrow? All documents with a rentable status in the online catalogue can be borrowed. Non-loanable documents: